Introducing EntreMats
Producing world-class desserts with production efficiency

Introducing EntreMats -Producing world-class entremets with production efficiency article. Photo of Michael Joy of The Chicago School of Mold Making and Chef Frederic Monti. Photo of Frederic Monti's entremets.
Beatrice S. Schneider, Frederic Monti & Michael Joy.

Dessert Professional Magazine, December 2009

Entremets – from Old French meaning “between courses,” these sophisticated desserts are meant to entertain diners with intriguing flavor combinations, coloring, and textures. In the hands of pastry chef Frederic Monti, an entremets becomes a source of sensory pleasure. Chef Monti is known for his ability to develop pastry recipes that feature delicious textural combinations infused with amazing flavors, with world class results.; he has the titles to prove it.  SO when Chef Monti came to us to help him create EntreMats for producing the layers of six entremets at a time, he had out attention

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