As the days grow shorter, we are excited to present a favorite Autumn delicacy, a black truffle silicone mold. What a beautiful way to present this seasonal treasure! Might you cast your perfect single-bite truffle in Butter, gelee, or agar? Chefs love it! Get your Truffle Silicone Mold :

Truffle Silicone Mold by-Chicago-Culinary-FX

Possibilities with Truffle Silicone Mold

As the crispness in the autumn air welcomes hearty flavors of deep forests, black truffles capture the flavor of coming winter like no other. This one-part truffle mold lets clever chefs present delicately crafted bite-size black truffle shaped wonders with constancy and control.
Please enjoy creating memorable food that resonates with your guests with our food contact safe silicone molds. They cast well with gelee, agar or butter. Help spread the wonder.

Original Astralian Winter Black Truffle

In this enlarged shot, you can see the detailed crevasses of the original black winter truffle in a palm size sake bowl.

made with a Truffle Silicone Mold, Corey Siegel made a celery root truffle

Enjoy this Celery Root Truffle Snipet of cutting into a casting made of celery root mousse “truffle” by the award winning Chef Corey Siegel.