Looking at the trends in pastry spheres, balls, and other hollow objects make up a large number of pastries, candies, and other confections. Everyone enjoys biting into a nice, round chocolate and discovering a juicy or creamy filling inside. With the right equipment, you can also add fillings to candy shells and round pastries. You can even layer candy shells over one another like a gobstopper.
Everyone knows that a seamless sphere is the most esthetically pleasing way to present your dessert

Everyone knows that a seamless sphere is the most esthetically pleasing way to present your dessert and respectable pastry chefs everywhere work very hard to present the illusion of a seamless a hand-crafted confection. That’s why we at the Chicago School of Mold Making do our best to create a large sphere mold with no visible seams.

Competition-Level Quality

Pastry Live14-Bill Foltz & Cori National Showpiece Champions with Beatrice n Michael Joy In 2002, Michael Joy and Beatrice S. Schneider came together to found the Chicago School of Mold Making and Casting for the Arts, a place where creative people could become empowered with the knowledge and resources to give shape to their ideas through the creation of food-safe silicone molds. Silicone is our go-to material thanks to its flexibility and durability, and it’s also strong enough to hold its shape even for a large sphere mold.

In fact, our school produces silicone molds for national and international pastry competitions, places where professional chefs create edible works of art that are all the more beautiful because they won’t last forever. These days, we sell our competition-quality silicone molds online, so anyone can create spheres, curving arches, leaves, vegetables, and many other fantastic shapes.

Spheres And Other Geometric Shapes

Flavor DropsIf you’re looking for a large sphere mold, you can’t go wrong with the Chicago Mold School. Our range of sphere molds starts at very small quarter-inch spheres and ranges up to a full eight inches. At that size, you can create an unforgettable centerpieces for special occasions as massive sugar spheres which like glass paper weights contain tiny world within their enveloping shape. In smaller sizes they are perfect by themselves or as inclusions adding texture, color and flavor variety to an unforgettable dessert.

We also offer flavor drop sets, which are hemisphere molds you can use to accentuate a dish with flavored gelatin drops, bite-size dollops of frozen juice, chocolate, or anything else you can think of. You can also make squares and rectangles of any shape you can think of by making use of our confectionary casting frames or one of our Jumble Boxes. Or, if you prefer flatter shapes, you can use our Jumble Mats and GeoMats to create circles, squares, or ovals in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Custom Shapes On Demand

If our selection of over 250 silicone mold designs does meet your requirements, then you may need to visit Chicago Culinary FX. This is the custom shop division of our business, and as far as the mold-making experts who staff it are concerned, the sky’s the limit for any mold design you might want. From team building ice molds, to molds that assist in constructing complex dessert, to fanciful statuary for a culinary competition? We can help you create your food vision.
Custom Chocolate and Blister Packaging Chicago Culinary FX

We even carry the tools and supplies you need to start dabbling in silicone mold casting yourself. Our Flex and Bake starter kit comes with silicone base, catalyst, a mixing bucket, and some basic instructions, and our book Confectionary Art Casting has detailed, illustrated instructions on how to create and make use of advanced silicone molds. You should also pick up a mold knife, which is a special utility knife with a curved blade. The blade’s curve can help you place both halves of a mold together in just the right position, giving you the ability to make your own seamless large sphere mold.

Whether you’re a professional working at the highest levels of your career or an ambitious amateur who would like to spice up special occasions with some unique, unforgettable designs, everyone who enjoys taking cooking to the next level can make use of Chicago Mold School molds. Many savory chefs who produce special dinners use our molds to create crusty shells over delicious soups, creating a dining experience that few people will ever forget.