Pastry Postcards

Do you remember how special it was to receive a postcard? Someone thought enough of you to send a picture from their travels; a little gift from far away. For the brief moment it takes to look, your world gets bigger and richer for it. Always on the look-out for new ideas and techniques, we return from our travels rich with inspiration…Enjoy!

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  1. 2013 Salon du Chocolate-Paris
    2013 Salon du Chocolate-Paris

    Salon du ChocolateParis 2013

    The Salon du Chocolate in Paris presents the best chocolate fashion show I’ve ever seen… tasty treats for your eyes, enjoy!

    2013 World Chocolate Masters
    2013 World Chocolate Masters

    World Chocolate MastersParis 2013

    The romantic city of Paris sets the stage for the feast of chocolate that is the World Chocolate Masters. Organized by Cacao Barry, Callebaut and Carma, the event truly brings world class talent together producing spectacular work. Featured in this edition of Pastry Postcards; a touch of Paris, then behind the scenes and on the stage as contestants from 18 countries build their Chocolate Showpieces…enjoy!

  2. Gelato World Cup-Rimini, Italy 2012
    Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2013

    Gelato World Cup-Rimini, Italy 2012

    We have been waiting for the perfect time to post this story of Gelato Paradise. With friends from Australia, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, and the USA, we had a wonderful time. Look for the clever casting of the extraordinary mold we made for Team Canada; the judges were really impressed.

    Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie
    Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2013

    Coupe du Monde de la PâtisserieLyon 2013

    Early in 2013, Beatrice headed to Lyon (France) to join the excitement at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie. Friends and clients from all over the world gathered for this most remarkable event. You are welcome to come along…

    IKA Culinary Olympics 2012
    IKA Culinary Olympics 2012

    IKA Culinary OlympicsErfurt 2012

    Between October 6-10, sixteen-hundred chefs representing 51 countries compete for the Gold, Silver, & Bronze in a feast for the senses know as the Culinary Olympics. We edited our 3,000 pictures down to share a few sweet and savory presentations that took the Gold. See the photos…

  3. Pastry Live 2012
    Pastry Live 2012

    Pastry LiveAtlanta 2012

    Pastry Live 2012 brought together students, cake decorators, pastry chefs, chocolatiers, competitors, vendors and all those that support them. Brain child of event organizer Chef Paul Bodrogi, Pastry Live has brought new excitement to pastry community. See the photos…

    For the Love of Chocolate 2012
    For the Love of Chocolate 2012

    For the Love of ChocolateChicago 2012

    This year’s black tie event raised scholarship funds for The French Pastry School. Taking up the entire first floor of the Merchandise Mart, there was lots to enjoy. Join the party and take a look at the photos from the event.

    Pastry Queen 2012
    Pastry Queen 2012

    Pastry QueenRimini 2012

    Italy’s Sonia Balacchi, was awarded the title of Pastry Queen, a new annual competition held at the Sigep exhibition in Rimini, Italy. Kyun Ran Baccon representing France, won second, and Susan Notter of the United States, placed third. Have a look and enjoy.

  4. Swiss Christmas 2011
    Swiss Christmas 2011

    Swiss ChristmasZurich, St. Moritz 2011

    While on a holiday tour of Bavarian and Switzerland we enjoyed a wonderful variety of memorable delicacies. Starting in Bad Feilnbach, then off to Schwyz, Zurich and ending in St. Moritz, we hope this Postcard shares a little of the magic.

    CRP Competition 2011
    CRP Competition 2011

    CRP CompetitionChicago 2011

    Pastry Chef Jimmy MacMillan of JMPurePastry organized the first Chicago Restaurant Pasty Competition to showcase the talents of Chicago’s pastry chefs. The competition was filmed and will be broadcast worldwide via the web in episodes. Stay tuned, and enjoy the bites!

    Pastry MOF 2011
    Pastry MOF 2011

    Pastry MOFParis 2011

    It was a nerve-wracking event as 11 finalists competed in Paris for the MOF. Congratulations to Yann Brys from Dalloyau, Thierry Bamas, this year’s world champion of frozen dessert, and William Mabilleau, for being awarded the title of MOF Pâtisserie-Confiserie. See the photos…

  5. Art of Pastry 2011
    Art of Pastry 2011

    Art of PastrySan Clemente 2011

    Stéphane Tréand MOF has opened his top-of-the-line pastry school in beautiful San Clemente, California. Not only are the classes taught by Chef Tréand, he has enlisted pastry champions Patrice Caillot, Vincent Pilon, & Frederic Monti to share their knowledge. See the photos of the opening…

    National Pastry Team Championship 2011
    National Pastry Team Championship 2011

    National Pastry Team ChampionshipPhoenix 2011

    This was a great way to kick-off the Summer. Team Padua competed with Team Gallego who was awarded Best Sugar, Team Gonzalez was awarded Best Chocolate Showpiece, and First Place went to Team Wressell. Congratulations teams!

    Hands On with Stéphane Tréand 2011
    Hands On with Stéphane Tréand 2011

    Hands On with Stéphane TréandPhoenix 2011

    In Chef Tréand’s class students had the opportunity to work with the ShowStopper prototypes and Showpeels. Using hand skills, molds and other tricks that Chef Tréand shared with the class, students had a wonderful time producing some amazing work.

  6. Casting Challenge 2011
    Casting Challenge 2011

    Casting ChallengeAtlanta 2011

    This past March we returned to the Art Institute of Atlanta, home to instructor and organizer Chef Paul Bodrogi. Local and national pastry chefs gathered to compete, judge and socialize. We had several previous student-contestants that had come back to compete as professionals.

    Coupe du Monde 2011
    Coupe du Monde 2011

    Coupe du MondeLyon 2011

    The trip back to Lyon was even better then the first. The lovely city, dining with chefs from around the world and we haven’t even mentioned the main event, the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie. 3 person teams from over 19 countries competed for 2 days to produce extraordinary results.

    IBIE 2010
    IBIE 2010

    IBIE 2010Las Vegas 2010

    The 2010 International Baking Industry Exposition is dedicated to technology for the baking industry. Also Featured is the Callebaut World Chocolate Masters Regional Finals, the Louis Lesaffre Bakery World Cup and the Pillsbury Bakers Plus Creative Decorating Competition.

  7. World Pastry Championship 2010
    World Pastry Championship 2010

    World Pastry Championship 2010Phoenix 2010

    Held in Arizona July 5-6 this international competition was an event to behold. Representatives from Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea and USA competed for the gold. The theme CHILDHOOD, the results…beautiful work. Judge for yourself…

    Stéphane Tréand Sugar Class 2010

    Stéphane Tréand -Sugar ClassOCC, Michigan

    Chef Source, a Michigan specialty foods provider brought in Stéphane Tréand, MOF to teach a two-day sugar seminar at Oakland Community College for their valued customers. Sparked with inspiration, the class of professional chefs erupted into a fervor of sugar artistry.

    US tryouts for Coupe du Monde 2010
    US tryouts for Coupe du Monde 2010

    US tryouts for Coupe du MondeMichigan 2010

    The tryouts for team USA where held at the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education in Grand Rapid Community College as Gilles Renusson, President of Club Coup du Monde hosted the two day event.

  8. World Pastry Forum 2009
    World Pastry Forum 2009

    World Pastry ForumPhoenix 2009

    As the time to register for this year’s major pastry event draws near (April 1st), we had to share some photos from last year’s World Pastry Forum and Amoretti’s World Pastry Team Championship. (Thanks to Paul Bodrogi for the Competition photos).

    Coupe du Monde 2009
    Coupe du Monde 2009

    Coupe du MondeLyon 2009

    Set near the historic city of Lyon, attending the 2009 World Pastry Cup was a trip well worth taking. Three person teams from over 22 countries competed fiercely to produce extraordinary results. Don’t just take my word for it, judge for yourselves!

    Casting Challenge 2009
    Casting Challenge 2009

    Casting Challenge 2009Charlotte 2009

    In 2009, the event was held at and hosted by Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte campus. The event leader was Chef Instructor Robert Epskamp. The results are great!

  9. Casting Challenge 2009
    Casting Challenge 2009

    Casting Challenge 2009Atlanta 2009

    On the first day, six pastry students and their assistants worked their sugar with refreshing and distinctive results. The following day, five local professionals came into the kitchens and the ‘Sugar Art Casting Challenge’ took casting sugar to an imaginative level.

    Orlando ACF Welcome 2008
    Orlando ACF Welcome 2008

    Orlando ACF WelcomeOrlando 2008

    The city has a magic all its own. So when we were invited to participate in the AFC Convention in Florida, a whole new world unfolded. Pastry Chefs David Ramirez and Jim Mullaney, our valiant ambassadors, provided both pastry and savory castings.

    Culinary Olympics-Sweet 2008
    Culinary Olympics-Sweet 2008

    Culinary Olympics-SweetErfurt 2008

    The Culinary Olympics present the culinary arts at their most extreme. Held every four years, this four-day competition gathers the world’s best chefs and pastry chefs; all competing for the gold.

  10. Culinary Olympics-Savory 2008
    Culinary Olympics-Savory 2008

    Culinary Olympics-SavoryErfurt 2008

    These savory photos from the Culinary Olympics will whet your appetite to the amazing craftsmanship of the competing chefs…

    World Pastry Championship 2008
    World Pastry Championship 2008

    World Pastry ChampionshipNashville 2008

    After a week of great classes at the Pastry Forum, the big guns come in to compete for the title of World Pastry Team Champions, the theme: Imagination.

    Unrivaled Quality 2008
    Unrivaled Quality 2008

    Unrivaled QualityAbu Dhabi 2008

    Slightly south of Dubai lies the true king of the desert, Abu Dhabi. While Dubai is know as the Vegas of the middle east, Abu Dhabi prides itself as the cultural capital. As the richest emirate and UAE’s capital, it offers sophisticated living that’s hard to fathom.

  11. Welcome to Dubai 2008
    Welcome to Dubai 2008

    Welcome to DubaiDubai 2008

    Dubai, the city, evokes a sense of the exotic and the ultra hip. With a popluation of over 80% foreigners, it is a melting pot of cultures and artistic interpretation.

    Atlantis 2008
    Atlantis 2008

    AtlantisDubai 2008

    Most everyone has heard of Altantis, maybe seen some resort ads, but until you’re actually in the Lost Chambers Exhibit it’s hard to imagine just how awesome it is…

    Gulfood Expo -Chocolate 2008
    Gulfood Expo -Chocolate 2008

    Gulfood Expo -ChocolateDubai 2008

    These chocolate sculptures in either their traditional or modern interpretations evoke universal themes. This work in its impermanent state is some of the best folk art I’ve ever seen.

  12. Gulfood Expo -Bread 2008
    Gulfood Expo -Bread 2008

    Gulfood Expo -BreadDubai 2008

    Bread a staple for centuries has never looked so good… Once again the artistic styles and techniques are amazing. Please enjoy and try not to get too hungry.

    Gulfood Expo -Pastry 2008
    Gulfood Expo -Pastry 2008

    Gulfood Expo -PastryDubai 2008

    Gulfood is an amazing international tradeshow that several clients in the region recommended. The photo albums here are from just a few of the many competitions held at the Emirates Salon Culinaire. Pastry Showpieces included pieces made of gum paste, fondant, and blown/pulled sugar pieces.

    Gulfood Expo -Wedding Cakes 2008
    Gulfood Expo Wedding Cakes 2008

    Gulfood Expo -Wedding CakesDubai 2008

    Ah Wedding Cakes… If you have an appreciation for detail sugar lace and handmade gum-paste flowers or looking for beautiful non-traditional presentation these photos are for you. Enjoy!

  13. Casting Challenge 2007
    Casting Challenge 2007

    Casting ChallengeAtlanta 2007

    The idea was simple; give seven pastry students the same ten molds and instruct the students to use the molds in as many different ways as possible to create a sugar showpiece and a chocolate amenity. Their skill, creativity and commitment would be the only variables.

    I Love New York 2007
    I Love New York 2007

    I Love New YorkNew York 2007

    Finally made it to New York City for the Patis France Pastry Chef of the Year Competition: the theme “Under the Sea” also managed to catch “Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibit at Moma…a real bender.

    Midwest Pastry Forum 2007
    Midwest Pastry Forum

    Midwest Pastry ForumMinnesota 2007

    Inviting international talent, the strong ladies (and handsome men) of the Minnesota pastry community put together a wonderful pastry event for the “locals”