Pastry Artistry

Pastry Artistry, the ever alluring delight! Over the last ten years, we have been welcomed by pastry chefs from around the world, many of whom have become good friends. The web-features below showcase their pastry art while also describing our collaborative efforts to help realize their creative vision.

Pastry Showcase, highlights the most current work from chefs who have emailed us pictures of their work; Pastry-Custom, unique mold collaborations with chefs, achieving impressive results, Pastry Gallery, features examples of work and showpieces, created in chocolate and sugar, using silicone molds from our existing product line and Pastry Postcards offers hundreds of beautiful photographs in travel stories, capturing the culinary styles and trends around the world.

  • Pastry Artistry - Pastry Showcase
  • Pastry Artistry - Pastry Custom Silicone Molds
  • Pastry Gallery
  • Pastry Artistry - Pastry Postcards

Pastry Artistry: Sweet Samples