Masterpatissiers Exam

Master Chef Rudolph van Veen committed to a daunting task, the first competitor in the first Master Pastry Competition the Netherlands. As a certified master chef and a TV entertainer there was a lot at stake. He came to The Chicago School of Mold Making to work with Michael Joy and Beatrice S. Schneider to realize his vision for the Showpiece. Inspiration struck in the form of Lady Gaga as Chef Rudolph felt she personified the ultimate showpiece. Once the concept was identified the team went to work. At slightly under three and a half feet tall, the showpiece was made entirely out of sugar and chocolate. She was cast with 220lbs (100kg) of Callebaut chocolate, and airbrushed to look life-like. Decorated with blown, pulled and cast sugar, she was dazzling. Using the smallest details to demonstrate confectionery skill, down to the airbrushed tattoos and pulled sugar hair, Rudolph created a masterpiece. From sketches to final extravagant chocolate/sugar showpiece, follow the process below.