Our Fig Silicone Mold let’s you extend the season of this culinary delicacy. We’ve captured the realistic details and nuances to evoke rich memories of this summer treat when you sever it cast sweet or savory filling. Get your Fig Silicone Mold: ChicagoMoldSchool.com/NatureMolds

Realistic Castings Delight Guests

cCCFX05-Fig-Silicone-Mold-by-Chicago-CulinaryFXAs fresh figs are so delicate and perish quickly, we wanted to capture this seasonal precious treat. To create this Silicone Fig Mold, fresh figs were selected that specifically capture the fig’s character and shape without a doubt. Anything you cast in these molds will be easily recognized by your guests as a “fig”. With six cavities of different figs, chefs are really excited with the results of using this silicone mold. We are excited to offer another way to extent the season of this with this summer time favorite and to offer chefs a way to use more of their product.

Enjoy this Blonde Fig Snipet of cutting into a casting made of apple cider vinegar blonde fig reduction skin, filled with spread made of goat cheese, cream, honey, rosemary and just a hint of lemon zest!

Visionary Chef Explores Possibilities

Executive Chef Jamie Simpson from the Culinary Vegetable Institute recognized our molds as the tools to manifest his vision. He created a balsamic fig reduction with which he coated the inside of the fig mold. Once set, he filled the mold with foie gras and froze it. After they were frozen, the casting were easy to unmold. Served at room temperature, they look like real figs and are ideal for enhancing everything from charcuterie plates to the perfect lamb dish. You can imagine the guests surprise and delight when they broke into their “figs”.

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What will you create? Let us know, we can’t wait to see what you create!

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Beatrice S Schneider - Chicago Culinary FX

Beatrice S. Schneider
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