No other springtime vegetable captures the flavor of the Springtime quite like asparagus. Our Asparagus Silicone Mold captures all the realistic details of this precious seasonal delicacy. For sweet or savory, how will you surprise your guests?
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Chef legend Laurent Gras came to us years ago, to create a silicone mold for him to present his white chocolate, asparagus dessert with gold leaf.

At the Culinary Vegetable Institute, Executive Chef Jamie Simpson has an affection for this spring vegetable that inspired him to create an entire Asparagus-centric dinner. Seven dishes are presented showcasing Chef’s Garden’s farm fresh Asparagus at the peak of it’s season for this annual dinner. Jamie used the asparagus silicone mold to cast the white asparagus curd and plate it with vanilla smoke, gooseberry, pink peppercorn and sour cherry. Almost too pretty to eat, almost.

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What will you create? Let us know and send photos.

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Beatrice S Schneider - Chicago Culinary FX

Beatrice S. Schneider
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