Coupe du Monde de la Pâstisserie 2013

Another spectacular event, this year 22 teams representing five continents at the Coupe du Monde 2013, prepared breath-taking work in front of an enthusiastic audience. Presenting ice, sugar and chocolate showpieces, and four other desserts, it was riveting to behold.

The winners of the two day, 10 hour event were:

  • 1st place, Team France; Quentin Bailly, Mathieu Blandin, and Joffrey Lafontaine
  • 2nd place, Team Japan; Tetsuro Akasaki, Daisuke Tomita, and Koh Moriyama
  • 3rd place Team Italy; Francesco Boccia, Marcello Boccia, and Lucca Cantarin

And only 39 points behind, Team USA: Andy Chlebana, Stephan Durfee, and Christophe Feyt.

Congratulations and fantastic work Chefs!