October 2012, at the culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany the USACAT won 6 gold medals for their cold food display and 6 silver in the hot food category.

For the cold food competition, the USACAT were required to display 7 different menus, for troop feeding “culinary art” prepared hot, displayed cold (with aspic/gelatin).

  • 3 menus for restaurant service (3 course) served on white dishes for 150 people;
  • 1 menu (3 course) for field feeding for 300 people, served on a mess kit;
  • 1 menu (3 course) lacto ovo vegetarian for troop feeding served on white dishes for 150 people;
  • 1 menu (3 course) with typical food from the United States on appropriate dishes for 150 people;
  • 1 gala dinner (5 courses) served on dignified and custom tableware for 50 people, not prepared in a field kitchen.

For the hot food competition: the team had 8.5 hours to preparing from scratch, a three course meal for 150 customers consisting of an appetizer, entrée and dessert (shown below).

US Military team dessert; White Chocolate and Pumpkin Mousse Terrine, Chocolate Shortbread Cookie, Green Apple Sorbet, Poached Apple, Fried sweet dough filled with dark Ganache and Strawberry Sauce. Click on images to enlarge.

Congratulations USACAT Team; SSG Edmond Perez, SSG Steven Behr, SGT Marc-Paul Susa, CW4 Russell D. Campbell (Manager), SFC Keith Broome (Captain), SSG Billy Daugette, FS1 Eddie Fuchs, SGT Sarah Deckert, SCPO Derrick Davenport, SFC Motavia Alston, Chef Mike Matarazzo (Coach/Advisor), SSG David Marcelli, FS2 Jason Rohrs, CW3 Charles Talley, PFC Samantha Poe, and SGT Flo Nevins.

IKA 2012 United States Culinary Arts Team