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Silicone molds can change the way you see the world and how you spend your valuable time. Unleash your creative potential with Tips & Tools, Educational Videos, and insightful Trend Articles. Don’t forget to peruse our photo collections, Pastry Postcards, featuring some of the most beautiful food in the world.

Welcome to Tips & Tools! Here you will find many casting tips and innovative tricks from the experts on casting with our food-contact safe silicone molds, a “make your own” mold making section with demos, articles and finally, helpful information on specialized mold making tools. Happy casting and mold making!

Nine different options for arrangement of silicone casting frames

Confectionery Casting Frames Layouts

Curious how to layout your Confectionery Casting Frames™, 6 inch Jumble Box or 10 inch Jumble Box? This PDF shows some examples to get you started. Confectionery Casting Frames™ are adjustable forms that allow you to cast a variety of crisp, sharp-edged shapes. Each section is 10 inch long, 1 inch thick and has a […]

Cutting Silicone Molds

Firm silicone lasts longer than soft silicone. However, it can be more difficult to remove a delicate casting from a firmer mold. If your casting are breaking when you try to remove them from the mold, stress relief cuts should be made. Properly placed cuts will help relieve pressure points without affecting the shape or […]

Mold Knife for cutting silicone molds

How to use the Mold Knife

Mold making myth busted…you can cut your silicone. This cleverly designed professional mold making knife is used to cut molds into self-registering sections. Similar to creating a zip-lock with interlocking grooves, the pictures make it easier to understand. See for yourself.

Clink boards, metal mold walls, adjustable clamps

Clink Board

Save time and money; clink boards are the single most valuable mold making tool available. Clink boards are adjustable aluminum frames that allow you to quickly build a fitted mold box around your model. The more fitted your mold box, the less silicone you will need to fill it.

Article. Textured Silicone Mat. Michael Joy mold maker portrait.

Textured Mat

This article is a perfect starter project to learn or teach basic mold making and create a texture silicone mat. With easy step-by-step instructions, a few common articles from your tool box, and textured wallpaper, it is easy to make a textured silicone mat.

Article. Textured silicone mat on rolling pin. Michael Joy gives step by step instruction teaching how to make textured silicone rolling pin

Textured Rolling Pin

Master mold maker Michael Joy developed a very clever way to build your very own textured rolling pin using wallpaper and common items from the hardware store. More advanced mold making, the result is cleverly impressive.

Article. Chef Susan Notter and Michael Joy Mold Maker. Cast chocolate showpiece amenity made with silicone molds.

Silicone Inserts

Continuing on the theme of using abstract shapes as inspiration, see how easy it is to make silicone inserts for sugar casting. Once again, Sugar Artist Susan Notter will demonstrate how to take these shapes and transforms them into beautiful works of art.

"Calligraphy Transformation" Chef Susan Notter and Michael Joy mold maker, step by step making silicone mold from calligraphy design

Casting Mats

Inspirational and instructive, this article takes you from concept to completed casting. See how to use calligraphy as a conceptual starting point for your next showpiece with casting mats. This project is a great way to learn how to make your own mold. Be sure to read Part 2 where Susan Notter uses the custom […]

Article. Michael Joy mold maker portrait. Sugar Showpiece Sphere Mold. "Going for the Gold while thinking green."

Large Silicone Sphere Mold

If you an ambitious mold maker, dig into this deeply detailed article on how to make a jumbo silicone sphere mold. Along the way, you will discover many helpful tips for your other mold making projects.

Shaping Chocolate

Better tasting than modeling chocolate, couveture chocolate treated with a mixer allows the user to ‘cast’ it in molds or shape it by hand. We hope you enjoy the following demo. (Many thanks to Pastry Chef Omar Martinez for his time and enthusiasm).

Silicone Molds & Fondant

When working with silicone molds & fondant it’s best to capture all the details provided by silicone by first dusting the molds with either corn starch or working in a little shortening into the detail to provide easier release. In the following demo, Pastry Impressions’ molds, known for their exacting detail, are used.

Entremet cross section photo


If you are a chef who needs to make multiple high-end entremats, these silicone mats are great tools for simplify the complicated process. Together with world pastry champion Fred Monti we designed these molds to provides six, 8 inch (20.3cm) cavities to create clean, crisp layers allowing you to construct your cakes uniformly.

"Showpieces on the fly" Sugar Showpiece Leaf. Stephane Treand portrait.

Silicone Leaf Mold

Having captured the exact details from real leaves, our silicone leaf molds can bring natural realism to your work. Your customers won’t believe it’s not an actual leaf.

Panna-Cotta sphere with pastry elements and glass plate.

Sphere Molds Creative Casting

Both modern and classic, a sphere is a shape that is timeless. Useful for casting elements for showpieces, proving pivot points, as well as the creating an optical effect when cast in sugar, spheres are also welcome on the plate.

Stephane Treand pouring isomalt into silicone noodles, on vinyl with showpeels

Silicone Noodles

If you are casting a chocolate or sugar showpiece and need height, two of these 5 inch (152 cm) long strips of food-contact safe silicone can get you there quickly.

Cast Sugar Showpiece by Stephane Treand. Waves Showstopper


To help chefs quickly put together a chocolate or sugar showpiece, pastry talent Stéphane Tréand MOF, designed the first three Showstoppers; the Wave, Flame and Herons. These silicone mats are design to cast thematically harmonious shapes that can be combined to allow for endless compositions.

Chocolate cast oceana showpeels

Showpeel Tutorials

Welcome to the Showpeel Tutorials page. Showpeels are textured silicone mats, that enable you create impressive decorations in a matter of minutes. The results of collaboration between pastry talent Stéphane Tréand MOF and us, the 8.5 inch x 11 inch sized silicone mats can be used to add texture to sugar, chocolate, fondant and many […]

Book Cover "Confectionery Art Casting - Silicone Mold Making for Pastry Chefs""

Silicone Mold Making Book: Confectionery Art Casting

Our silicone mold making book, Confectionery Art Casting – Silicone Mold Making for Pastry Chefs is the first of its kind; Starting with basic mold making skills and progressing up through advanced techniques, this book reveals how to make food grade and cost-effective non-food grade silicone molds. We teamed up with some of the best […]