Custom Silicone molds for culinary applications and non-food use

At the Chicago School of Mold Making, we make professional quality custom silicone molds every day. Professional chefs, entrepreneurs, and multinational brands continually use our services to help give shape to their ideas. When it comes to research and development, our customers have found our silicone mold making process an affordable alternative to injection molding. To us, custom mold making is more than just a job, it is an investment in a relationship. (Read about our master mold maker, Michael Joy.)

Over the years, the amount of custom projects our business handles has grown so much, we needed to create a separate branch to accommodate the demand. It’s still us with the same great service, same great custom silicone molds, simply with the new name Chicago Culinary FX. Come see how we can serve your needs!

Chicago Culinary FX - Answers to your food shaping needs - Custom Silicone Molds

With projects ranging from a life-size chocolate lady gaga to cacao-butter carrots filled with soup, we work with the best to give shape to great ideas. Please enjoy a few projects highlighted below and their remarkable results. It will give you an idea of the range of our capabilities:

Jamie Simpson's Carrot Soup

Jamie Simpson’s Crispy Carrot Soup

As Chef Liaison at The Chef’s Garden (Culinary Vegetable Institute in Ohio) Jamie Simpson, creates beautiful and delicious dishes with farm fresh ingredients. We are delighted to share Jamie Simpson’s approach to Crispy Carrot Soup (baby round carrot soup, carrot butter, dried cobalt carrot peel, and paprika).

Custom Chocolate Mold by Chicago Culinary FX

Custom Chocolate University Donor Gifts

A prominent university reached out to Chicago Culinary FX, custom branch of the Chicago School of Mold Making, to recreate an iconic bronze statue in miniature form of an 8” chocolate figurine.  The client explained they wanted to give chocolate replicas of the ‘founding father’ to their largest private donors at an upcoming fundraising gala. […]

Yoshikazu Kizu Pastry Chef of the Year

Yoshikazu Kizu – Pastry Chef of the Year

In 2014, Yoshikazu Kizu was awarded the coveted title of Pastry Chef of the Year at the 25th annual U.S. Pastry Competition. For the theme “Film Animation,” Chef Kizu created a stunning presentation depicting Disney’s animation “Beauty and the Beast.” He had seen the thin film reel his friend Yusuke Aoki had used to create […]

Team USA-Fire-n-Ice-Gelato-Cake

Team USA – Fire & Ice Gelato Cake

What an exciting start to the Year! With their theme Fire & Ice, Team USA put on an impressive display at the Gelato World Cup in Rimini, Italy this past January. We were honored when the team came to us to help create their stunning Gelato “Fire & Ice” Cake. Initially a flame cake with […]

Mi Casa – Custom Silicone Mold for Chef José Andrés

We love working with Chef José Andrés’ Think Food Group! After the success of the strawberry Buddha, we got another call to create a custom mold for the new “Mi Casa” Restaurant. Using their logo, we made custom mold which they used to create this signature “Mi Casa” dessert featuring chocolate, hazelnut, olive oil and salt.

Iliana Regan’s Carrot Soup

Iliana Regan’s restaurant, Elizabeth, was hotly anticipated for its focus on sustainable and foraged ingredients. After her successful supper club, Iliana wanted to offer the same kind of magical experience to diners at her restaurant, Elizabeth. She succeeded and was awarded a Michelin star.

Jove Hubbard’s World Chocolate Master’s Showpiece

When the 1st candidate to represent the United States at the World Chocolate Masters had to withdraw, Jove Hubbard, Executive Pastry Chef at The James Hotel Chicago, took on the position. With much less time than most other candidates, Jove came to the Chicago School of Mold Making with his vision for the competitions theme “The Architecture of Taste”.

Luis Robledo Richard's Showpiece

Luis Robledo Richards’ Award-Winning Showpiece

Luis Robledo Richards, Pastry Chef and Chocolatier, came to us earlier in the year to help design and create what became his award-winning chocolate showpiece at the World Chocolate Masters, in Paris. Representing Mexico, Chef Luis’ chocolate showpiece exuded modern elegance as he incorporated clean lines, dramatic spoon-like curves and undulating base elements for a stunning combination of organic and constructed elements.

Grace - Carrot Veil Dish

Chef Curtis Duffy – Grace

For Chef Duffy’s winter dish we designed a silicone mold to shape one element-the carrot veil. Chef Duffy wanted to add an unctuous component to the dish that was unusual and minimal in shape.

Chefs Albert & Ferran Adria – ElBulli

Redefining traditional approaches to good food with modern techniques, Chef Albert and Ferran Adria are in a league of their own. Looking to make their results and techniques available to others Chef Albert came to us to produce a line of silicone molds.

Lollapalooza girl holding prius branded popsicle

Toyota Prius Pop: Lollapalooza Music Festival

Quality and efficient production are goals for any business. Our custom offerings for silicone molds can help attract a variety of new customers. To help increase their brand awareness, Toyota contacted us to further promote the Toyota Prius C to fans at their Toyota Family Playground at Lollapalooza.

Laurent Gras L2O Asparagus Plate

Chef Laurent Gras – L2O Restaurant, Chicago Illinois

A call from Chef Laurent Gras from the L2O restaurant in Chicago is always welcome. Known for his clever use of ingredients and memorable dishes, we really enjoyed collaborating with Chef Gras when he needs custom molds. The results delight his guest and create an unforgettable dining experience.


Chef Alex Chen – Bocuse d’Or

Canadian Chef Alex Chen put together a beautiful menu for the Bocuse d’Or 2013 competition. Part of his impressive beef presentation was his Foie Gras, Matsutake Mushroom and Garlic Scapes dish shaped with a custom silicone mold.