Beatrice S. Schneider

Beatrice S. Schneider, our creative director & co-founder, oversees all things related to the visual presentation of the Chicago Mold School and the work of the chefs we collaborate with. Since the opening of this business, her goal has been to present clear, useful information and display each chef's work as strikingly as it is in real life.

Beatrice has a diverse background that includes working in commercial studios as set stylist and production designer for several films, making sure everything looked just right. She developed her meticulous attention to detail during her seven years as a fine art restorer, where her work was guaranteed invisible to the naked eye. Through techniques developed during the creation of her private line of silicone molds, Pastry Impressions, our molds jumped to new level of product design.

Working with chefs to assist in their concept development and final presentations, Beatrice has spent the last 15 years helping create micro-trends in the global culinary market. Routinely traveling internationally to top competitions and kitchens, she seeks out the needs of chefs and continues to develop cutting-edge products that help chefs forge ahead. Her refined eye for detail and quality has translated into the creation of prized, ground-breaking tools for professionals in the art of gastronomy. She continues to collaborate with industry innovators to develop our celebrated Nature Line of silicone molds.

She further supports chefs by traveling and reporting on the world’s finest food competitions. As a shy youngster, Beatrice's grandfather gave her his treasured camera and she has been capturing moments is time ever since. She shares her observations in her highly anticipated photo features, Pastry Postcards (there are Savory ones too), taking you along on her latest adventures exploring the culinary world.

Beatrice also contributes to several trade publications, including Dessert Professional, So Good, Food Arts and WorldChefs Magazines.

Additionally, she also produces a series of edu-tainment videos and is working on a new series to share insights of other industry leaders.

Although a native Chicagoan, her family’s roots are in Bavaria. Her international experience and multilingual skills enable us to reach those of you living outside the United States.

Many of our customers email us photos of their work using our molds. Beatrice promotes the best work of new talent in our "Chef Showcase" feature. If you would like to contribute your pastry or savory pictures to our website or for future publication, e-mail She would love to hear from you!