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Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with forward thinking chefs and producing food trend articles that share our innovation through best publications in the culinary industry. Please peruse this collection of articles to get a glimpse of the possibilities in shaping food. These food trend articles with colorful content have been collected over the years chronicling our role in the evolution of food shaping. Featuring the work of so many talented chefs we work with, we hope you enjoy this engaging journey as much as we have enjoyed taking it.

Silicone and PETG Mold Makers

With their recent proprietary plastic thermoforming process, Silicone and PETG Mold Makers Chicago Culinary FX are able to offer chocolatiers tremendously detailed, yet cost effective alternatives to more expensive high-quality silicone molds.

Silicone Molds Not Just Culinary

When experts from different fields get together to collaborate, it’s a great formula for innovation. When Michael Joy (owner/master mold maker of Chicago Culinary FX), introduced Cliff Modlin (President of Marking Specialists Group) to Justin Arquilla (owner of Gekks), all three entrepreneurs tapped into their expertise to produce a truly unique 3D display for the […]

Artisan Silicone Molds inspire Gastroart

Since we founded The Chicago School of Mold Making, we have prioritized not only working with chefs, but listening very carefully to their concerns and aspirations. Now as Chicago Culinary FX we still create Artisan Silicone Molds and tirelessly put forth the effort to cultivate meaningful, harmonious  relationships

Pastry Live a Celebre Ses Champions

The city of Atlanta hosted the fourth annual Pastry Live event, with demonstrations and seminars on the latest techniques in the pastry industry, with competitions showing the creativity of North American Pastry for an audience of professionals and amateurs. Founded by Chef Paul Bodrogi and co-produced with Michael Joy, the event this year was held at a new location, 200 Peachtree.

Molding a Masterpiece

The elaborate molded cakes, chocolates and custards that dominate pastry menus and bakery cases today were not possible or realistic even 15 years ago, according to Michael Joy, who, with Beatrice Schneider, founded the Chicago School of Mold Making, Oak Park, Illinois.

On the Road to Lyon

What better place to root for the USA Team than the Culinary Vegetable Institute, where the indefatigable farmer Lee Jones and his family hosted a sumptuous fund-raising dinner in March for the foundation that supports the American team at the rigorous biennial Bocuse d’Or International Culinary Competition in Lyon, France.