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Industry Leaders

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with truly forward-thinking chefs. In turn, our collaborations spark food articles that are published by the best in the culinary industry. Please peruse this collection of articles and get a glimpse of the possibilities of shaping food. These articles & blog have been collected over the years. They chronicle our role in the evolution of food shaping. Featuring the work of many talented chefs, we hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have taking it.

Fresh Take on Classic Desserts

It’s a great time to be a pastry chef! With so many wonderful resources available and ever increasingly educated guests who seek a new dining experience, some chefs are mapping their own path to culinary innovation.

This is the mind-set of Jimmy MacMillan, a pastry chef fully in charge of his craft. Creative, yet disciplined and practical -minded, he is busy developing systems that keep his kitchen running effectively. Recently, I had a chance to ask Chef MacMillan where he finds his inspiration. Whether he is developing a new menu, recipe or technique…

Chicago Culinary FX feature WorldChefs

Within a short train ride from Chicago’s Loop, you will find Chicago Culinary FX where, in an unsuspecting, quaint two-story building lies a unique creative center where chefs from around the globe come to bring their ideas to life.

For over 10 years, the pastry world has taken advantage of the mold making and educational services provided by Chicago Culinary FX. Initially, the skills of founder and master mold maker Michael Joy were utilized by elite competition chefs to provide an added edge to their already excellent degustation.

Looking Towards the Future in Lyon

Looking Towards the Future in Lyon, Beatrice Schneider reported on her findings from the culinary Epicenter. Having attended some of the world’s best international food events —GulFood in Dubai, UAE, Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany, and the National Restaurant Show in my hometown of Chicago, I still find covering Sihra, in Lyon, France, exhilarating. Every two years, professionals from all walks of the food industry gather to identify trends and find solutions to their unique professional needs.

On the Road to Lyon

Meryle Evans
photos by Beatrice S. Schneider
Food Arts Magazine, May 2014

What better place to root for the USA Team than the Culinary Vegetable Institute, where the indefatigable farmer Lee Jones and his family hosted a sumptuous fund-raising dinner in March for the foundation that supports the American team at the rigorous biennial Bocuse d’Or International Culinary Competition in Lyon, France.

Molding Masterpiece Shaping Pastry

Molding masterpieces like the elaborate cakes, chocolates and custards that dominate pastry menus and bakery cases today were not possible 15 years ago, according to Michael Joy, who, with Beatrice Schneider, founded Chicago Culinary FX, Oak Park, Illinois.

Together they refocused their 25-year old silicone business onto culinary molds and phased out most other product lines after a Chicago pastry chef/instructor expressed a need for high-end molds for culinary purposes.

Chocolate Molds

Pastry chefs, chocolatiers, and confectioners alike love the versatility of Chicago Mold School’s silicone chocolate molds. We offer over 250 types of chocolate molds that can be used to create gorgeous works of edible art. Plus with our in house custom mold makers and make your own mold kits, you can create a mold to cast chocolate into a great variety of imaginative shapes.

Silicone and PETG Mold Makers

With their recent proprietary plastic thermoforming process, Silicone and PETG Mold Makers Chicago Culinary FX are able to offer chocolatiers tremendously detailed, yet cost effective alternatives to more expensive high-quality silicone molds.

Custom Chocolate University Donor Gifts

A prominent university reached out to Chicago Culinary FX, the custom branch of the Chicago School of Mold Making, to recreate an iconic bronze statue in the miniature form of an 8” chocolate figurine.  The client explained they wanted to give chocolate replicas of the ‘founding father’ to their largest private donors at an upcoming […]

Silicone Molds Not Just Culinary

When experts from different fields get together to collaborate, it’s a great formula for innovation. When Michael Joy (owner/master mold maker of Chicago Culinary FX), introduced Cliff Modlin (President of Marking Specialists Group) to Justin Arquilla (owner of Gekks), all three entrepreneurs tapped into their expertise to produce a truly unique 3D display for the […]