We are in love with beautiful food. Here in Chicago, it seems that we are living in a golden age of dining. There are so many chef resources available online and in the press, we share ideas and food porn at a staggering, overwhelming rate. It also wonderful that the restaurant-going public is more educated than ever thanks to the years and variety of popular food TV. Food has become such a hot topic that the press covers it as news. Socially, it’s hip to cook and most restaurants are serving amateur chefs at their tables. For a restaurant to serve ‘good food’ is no longer enough. Today’s diners hunger for food entertainment; they want to be wowed!

Chefs Utilize Resources

Thanks to the educated diners willing to pay for an entertaining experience, advancements in technology, ideas shared instantaneously, savvy chefs are making the most of what they have. They utilize both the incredible variety of fresh produce (think Chef’s Garden), classic techniques (gotta have the know-how & skill) and modern innovation (molecular gastronomy). This is a winning recipe for presenting a memorable plate. With the trend in chef serving deconstructed dishes, it has become near impossible to identify the chef who created them from the photos shared. Food contact safe silicone molds have become great tools for chefs to effectively create an unforgettable signature plate.

Savvy Chef – Curtis Duffy

At his three Michelin star restaurant, grace, Chef Curtis Duffy makes excellent use of the custom silicone molds we developed with him that produced ice sleeves. Not only is it presented as the serving ‘dish’ but it also enhances the meal by being a medium of texture, temperature and flavor. Curtis didn’t stop at creating his signature Kampachi tuna dish with the ice sleeve custom silicone mold, but also used it to make a Peaches in jasmine tea cylinder dessert …and again for his braised rhubarb with red wine dessert.

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Chef Curtis Duffy is known for creating some of the most beautiful plates presented. His food is hunting; his dishes entice, engage, and are an experience to savor. In a word – unforgettable. Chef Duffy is wise enough to use all the tools at his disposal.

Bottom line –  the food has to taste great. It has to look camera worthy. And every chef wants their food to be memorable. Why not give your guests a delicious plate that at first glance evokes desire?

Until next time, stay curious!


Beatrice S. Schneider
Co-founder/Creative Director
ChicagoCulinaryFX.com & ChicagoMoldSchool.com