With their recent proprietary plastic thermoforming process, Silicone and PETG Mold Makers Chicago Culinary FX are able to offer chocolatiers tremendously detailed, yet cost effective alternatives to more expensive high-quality silicone molds. Serving as the custom branch of the Chicago School of Mold Making, their mold making craftsmanship and expertise continues to be reflected in their groundbreaking results with custom thermoform plastic molds.

The Chicago School of Mold Making has built their reputation on 14 years of specialized food shaping service in the culinary industry, producing top-quality artisan silicone molds for chefs at Michelin Star restaurants, 5 star hotels, international food companies and everywhere in between. The precise and durable molds have helped chefs to increase efficiency, elevate food presentation, and produce innovative culinary masterpieces. Their close work with some of the top movers and shakers of the industry have kept them on their toes, developing solutions and products to help chefs flourish. Chicago Culinary FX, the custom branch of the Chicago School of Mold Making has taken their vast knowledge of precision food casting and applied it to custom thermoformed plastic molds. Between their artisan silicone molds and high-detail plastic molds, there’s little a chef can’t achieve in food shaping.

Food-Contact-Safe Silicone

Chicago Culinary FX is known for their high-quality artisan silicone molds. Every mold is handmade in their atelier, using durable platinum cured silicone. Their silicone molds are great for casting three dimensional objects with exacting detail, high-run output (hotels, restaurants, manufacturing), multi-ingredient castings, cooking and freezing. Not only do the molds provide stunning results, but with proper care and handling they continue to hold their shape and provide value for years and years. From candy bars to larger than life sculpture molds, unique culinary conceptions to scientific applications, the high-quality molds have proved to enable chefs and businesses to create objects of desire. (Recently, one of their customers called to replace some of their silicone molds after nine years of consistent use!)

PETG Clear Rigid Plastic

Their silicone molds can stand the test of time, however, if you may need a mold for only a short run custom job, Chicago Culinary FX has the ability to create highly detailed, multi-surfaced PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic molds ideal for casting chocolate. Chicago Culinary FX’s food contact safe PETG thermoform molds offer depth (near vertical draws) and precise details. These are a quick and cost effective alternative for those jobs that don’t require the durability of silicone. “Our candy molds are ideal for casting promotional chocolate and prototyping,” says Michael Joy, company founder and master mold maker. With their new techniques, highly detailed and previously unavailable thermoformed crisp details are possible.

Silicone and PETG Mold Makers-Chicago-Culinary-FX
“Words can’t do it justice. I’ve been waiting a long time for not only a product like this, but a company that could keep up with my creative ideas. I am finally able to get both product and creative design,” said client David Ramirez, Chocolatier at David Ramirez Chocolates and Executive Chef of the Rosen Shingle Creek.

The custom mold making department at Chicago Culinary FX can take your logo or graphic and create highly detailed molds. Whether you need a customized chocolate bar, unique bon-bon, or distinctive chocolate shape, their creative team can help you achieve your desired results. With quick turnaround their PETG thermoformed plastic molds are a cost effective alternative to their high quality custom silicone molds.

Although PETG molds are not as long lasting as silicone, Chicago Culinary FX uses more durable yet still cost effective PETG. For that special event or favorite customer PETG plastic molds are great with affordable results.

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