Gekks Shoe POP by Marking Specialists Group - custom silicone molds by Chicago Culinary FX
When experts from different fields get together to collaborate, it’s a great formula for innovation. When Michael Joy (owner/master mold maker of Chicago Culinary FX), introduced Cliff Modlin (President of Marking Specialists Group) to Justin Arquilla (owner of Gekks), all three entrepreneurs tapped into their expertise to produce a truly unique 3D display for the retail marketplace.

Although the Chicago Culinary FX is known for making artisan silicone molds for the food industry, Cliff Modlin (President of Marking Specialists Group – innovators in Product Identification) saw the potential for another application. After being introduced to Michael via a local trophy manufacturer, Cliff and Michael discussed possibilities of working together.

Silicone Molds, Not Just for Culinary

Michael Joy with his business partner has built Chicago Culinary FX into a business catering to the ever changing needs of chefs by offering artisan and custom silicone molds. Cliff recognized the valuable production step Michel Joy could provide with his custom silicone mold making and 3D model making skills. Over the past 25 years, Michael has accumulated a wealth of technical skills encompassing several industries and is proficient in a wide range of industrial mold making techniques. Most recently, Michael’s skills have been applied in medicine, dental work, other industrial sciences as well as food-contact safe mold making.

Experts Converge

The opportunity to work together came to life came when Michael introduced Cliff to entrepreneurs Justin & Christian Arquilla (owner of Gekks.) Justin contacted Michael to make a hyper realistic copy of a boat shoe to be used as a point of purchase display for their innovative shoe insert. The trick was that Justin required a crystal clear version of the boat shoe so customers could see the product. A plan was hatched and Michael’s shop made the silicone mold prototype mold. Then Cliff’s team at Marking Specialists Group created the crystal clear resin casting from the mold. It was a great collaboration and the result was clearly impressive!

Gekks Shoe POP by Marking Specialists Group - custom silicone molds by Chicago Culinary FX

For more details about the mold making aspects of this project, or to discuss how custom silicone molds might benefit you, please email Michael Joy or request a custom quote.