Pastry chefs, chocolatiers, and confectioners alike love the versatility of Chicago Mold School’s silicone chocolate molds. We offer over 250 types of chocolate molds that can be used to create gorgeous works of edible art. Plus with our in house custom mold makers and make your own mold kits, you can create a mold to cast chocolate into a great variety of imaginative shapes. Made from high-quality, durable food contact safe silicone, our chocolate molds are perfect for many culinary applications.

                      Chocolate Molds

Make Stunning Chocolate Sculptures

Whether you are looking to make gorgeous chocolate sculptures to impress your guests or you are competing in a pastry competition, our chocolate molds can help you create a spectacular piece of art. We offer a great range of chocolate molds for building large chocolate sculptures including our award-winning Showstoppers and Showpeels lines. With Showstoppers can quickly cast an entire chocolate sculpture on one mold. In our Showstoppers and Showpeel lines, we offer a gorgeous variety of unique designs that will impress your guests. We also offer a range of artisan molds including spires, animals, and gears so you can easily cast the individual pieces you need to build a sculpture you’ve designed yourself. Our chocolate molds are long lasting, so you can cast as many beautiful sculptures.

Make Unique Chocolates

If you are a chocolatier or a confectioner, and you are just looking for a way to create individual pieces, we have a large variety of chocolate molds available in nearly any shape you could desire. In our geometric line we have spheres, cut gemstones, and flavor drops (half sphere molds) for casting your signature chocolates. In our Nature line, you can add a beautiful naturalist flair to your chocolate creations with leaves, fruits, flowers, and even eggs. We also offer a range of specialty molds from golf balls to champagne bottles to animals. No matter what you are looking to create, we have a chocolate mold to get your started.

Chocolate Molds For Special Events

Our chocolate molds can help you make the most of your special occasion. Whether you choose one of our designed ready-made molds to build a spectacular masterpiece or you order a special custom mold, we can help you craft the perfect piece for guests, award recipients, and honorees. We’ve not only supplied molds to help restaurants, wedding planners, and event hosts build a show stopping piece to delight and honor guests, we’ve helped create and design everything from alumni gifts to chocolate trophies to even a life-sized chocolate sculpture of Lady Gaga. So no matter what event you have coming up, our chocolate molds can help you create something truly special.

Chocolate Molds For Special Events

Design Your Own With Our Custom Chocolate Molds

If you have a unique idea for a beautiful chocolate creation, we can help you make the perfect mold. Our expert mold maker, Michael Joy, has been designing and creating remarkable molds for over 25 years. Michael will work with you directly to make sure that your custom mold works to fulfill your casting needs. Whether you provides us with a complete 3-dimensional design or just have a loose idea, we will work with you to hand sculpt, or machine tool your dream mold. Plus our custom molds like all of our chocolate molds, are high-quality, easy-to-use, and reusable, so you can make as many castings of your personal creation as you want.

                            Design Your Own With Our Custom Chocolate Molds

High Quality, Beautiful Molds

All of our silicone chocolate molds are handcrafted in the USA, with durable, food contact safe -quality silicone. They come in two varieties: Blue silicon with can withstand temperatures up to 300° F/148° C and purple silicone which can withstand temperatures up to 400° F/204° C. So no matter what your culinary purposes, we have a large selection of silicone chocolate molds to help you make your vision a reality. Also, you can be ensured that not only are you getting the highest quality chocolate mold, and used well you will be earning money with it in no time.

So if you are looking to make dazzling chocolate creations, look no further than the chocolate molds at Chicago Mold School. Our stunning, reusable chocolate molds are perfect for pastry chefs, chocolatiers, confectioners, and even event planners. So check out our selection today.or get a quote for your custom project.